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Long Lunches & Rose all day

MĀRE by La Luna Beach Club embraces the Mediterranean diet not just as a culinary model but as a lifestyle. It’s the food. It’s about the rituals.

It’s getting fresh air and sunshine.
Enjoy show-stopping cuisine, a stunning seaside setting in our heated alfresco venue, with a focus on mezze plates, fresh fish and local seafood, as well as premium beef cuts.

Simple, delicious with elemental and timeless flavours of a European Summer. Share magical memories dining between the sea and the sky. 


The professional, yet friendly service, the elegant design and the relaxing music, create a magnificent atmosphere by the sea.

Enhance the experience with the refined selection of champagne and innovative cocktails that remind you of a holiday. 

Book a breezy long lunch with a group or a romantic sunset dinner for two at MĀRE Restaurant by La Luna Beach Club.

AGFG Winning 2023 Australian Good Fod Guide Winner
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