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Is La Luna Beach Club separate from La Luna Dining?

Yes – La Luna Dining is a separate venue / business from La Luna Beach Club.  La Luna Dining opened in January 2022 and is located in the Marina Mirage Centre. La Luna Beach Club, opened in October 2022 and is located directly opposite of La Luna Dining on a floating pontoon at the Marina Mirage.

Does La Luna Beach Club accept walk-ins? Or do I need a reservation?

Walk-ins to MĀRE for lunch or dinner are welcome but subject to availability at that time. On weekends we strongly recommend a reservation to avoid disappointments. 

Walk-ins to the La Luna Poolside are welcome. 

Can we order drinks at the bar?

We are a full table service venue, drinks can not be purchased individually from the bar and must be ordered with your waiter.

Is there an entry fee?

No – there is no entry fee. MĀRE can be entered like any regular restaurant.

The La Luna Pool areas may have a minimum spend requirement, depending on what area you choose, that can be used towards food and drinks.

Are children / teens welcome in La Luna Beach Club & MĀRE?

La Luna Beach Club: Minimum age of entry to the La Luna Pool is 21 years and older.

MĀRE welcomes dining guests aged 16 and older provided they’re accompanied by a parent or a guardian. Please note they are not permitted within the La Luna Poolside area afterwards. Strictly no children or prams are permitted within the entire venue. 

Can we do some filming / shooting at La Luna Beach Club?

For all commercial/photography/filming requests, please send though a detailed summary outlining your request for review. Please ensure to provide your website/social media and include any additional information. All requests will be considered following approval by our Marketing Team. Please also note that a venue hire fee will apply.

Is there a DJ / Entertainment?

The venue has a live DJ & Live Sax player every Friday – Sunday from 2pm until sunset playing lounge/sundowner sounds.

Is there availability to park my boat / Jetski nearby?

La Luna Beach Club has no own berths.
For assistance please contact Marina Berthing – General Enquiries:
(07) 5555 6480 /


Do you split bills?

We do not split bills by items, however, we can process up to 4 card payments per group. Alternatively, we recommend you ask your guests to bring cash.

What’s the cost to reserve a spot by the pool and what does that include?

A minimum spend requirement applies to reserve a space by the pool during the high season. During our low season, there is no minimum spend. 

The minimum spend is the amount you commit to spend on food and drinks at the venue. You will get access to the La Luna Pool amenities and one free towel. Any remaining unused credit of the prepaid minimum spend requirement is non-transferrable and cannot be redeemed at MĀRE or on another date. 

Are La Luna Pool spaces shaded?

All of our spaces around the La Luna Pool provide shade. Please ensure to bring sunglasses and sunscreen.

Can I add extra guests to my poolside reservation?

On some occasions, you can exceed the recommended guest number per space if you are comfortable sharing the space with more guests. Please contact us via email if you like to add extra guests to your existing booking and our bookings team will review your request.

Do you cater for dietary requirements?

Please make your wait staff aware of any allergies or dietary requirements. We will do our best to accommodate and cater for them.

What / Where is MĀRE?

MĀRE is the on-site a la carte restaurant located on the La Luna Beach Club pontoon. Mediterranean fusion with panoramic views over the Broadwater and the La Luna Pool. Available to be booked for a la carte lunches and dinners or group functions on a banquet menu.

What areas are part of the La Luna Pool?

Sun Lounges, Day Beds, King Day Beds & Cabanas

Can we just walk in for a drink?

We accept Drinks - Only Bookings during the autumn & winter months anytime. 

Can we stay longer than our allocated seating time?

Extension of staying time cannot be guaranteed upon booking, however if the table / area is not rebooked and not required you are welcome to stay longer than your allocated confirmed seating time. Please check with management on the day. 

What is the dress code?

MĀRE: Casual chic

La Luna Pool: Resort style wear, swim attire, casual chic
All guests must wear suitable footwear (no thongs) when entering and exiting the venue.


What is your policy on tattoos?

MĀRE is welcoming guests with tattoos as long as they are not offensive or aggressive. We do recommend guests to wear a long sleeve collared shirt if they have visible tattoos to match the dress code requirement.

La Luna Beach Club does not accept head, face & neck tattoos or anything offensive/aggressive. Entry will be refused.

Can I bring decorations / birthday cake?

Table decorations are to be kept to a minimum and must be approved by the events manager prior. You can bring a birthday cake for a $5 per person cakeage/serving fee. 

Do you do collaborations?

No – La Luna Beach Club does not involve in collaborations with influencers of any kind.

What is the cancellation policy on a poolside reservation and what would happen in the event of bad weather?

La Luna Beach Club operates a strict no refund policy and is not responsible for inclement weather conditions. Please note no refunds of prepaid amounts will be given under these circumstances. Change of booking date may be permitted and is subject to availability.

Can I order from the MĀRE Restaurant a la carte menu if I have a poolside reservation?

You can order of the La Luna Pool Menu which is a limited version of the full MĀRE a la carte menu.

I have a reservation at MĀRE? Can I use the pool?

If you enjoyed a lunch or dinner at MĀRE, you may ask management to move to a spot by the La Luna Pool. This is subject to availability and up to the manager’s discretion.

Can we have drinks by the La Luna Pool or in a Cabana after our restaurant reservation at MĀRE?

You may be allowed to move to a pool area or a cabana for drinks after your meal at MĀRE. This can not be guaranteed upon your booking and only decided by Management on the day depending on availability.

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